Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Modern 12 Bee Block

Ohmygosh.  I can't believe that it's taken me so long to post a blog update.  SO much has been going on and I keep taking pictures and writing mental notes on posts and then I never seem to have my hands free when I'm awake enough to actually do anything with all of that information.  Or, at least not when there's nothing else that seems to need my immediate attention.

So, here's a tidbit.  And I'll try to get the rest of the goodies posted in a more timely manner.

Today, I did a bit of catching up.

Back in June, I foolishly (considering that I was supposed to have a baby in August) joined the {Modern 12} Bee.  It just sounded like too much fun to pass up.  We started in July, which was when I actually had the baby..and I've been behind ever sense.  Unfortunately, this isn't the only bee I got involved in this summer and I've been a little bit better with catching up in other areas.

Sooooo....I'm four months behind.  And, I can barely believe it, but the {Modern 12} ladies have been more than nice and beyond patient with me and haven't kicked me out. 

I HAVE actually been working on the blocks.  Just not making much headway.  So today I dove into September's block and, working in fits and starts throughout the day, managed to get it done this afternoon.

quilt,quilt block,swap,wonky,star

Kristy requested a multi-colored wonky star on a field of gray.

I've been seeing more and more of these stars (and have another to put together for another bee), and haven't really been able to decide how I feel about them.  I think I like them.  It was certainly fun to put together.  Wonky, but it didn't take too much extra figuring to make sure that it worked out properly.  And Richard liked it so much that I'm contemplating requesting wonky stars from the bees that will go towards making his quilt.  Maybe alternating with log cabins?  Would that look cool, or just be entirely too busy?  Hmm...


I quite enjoyed putting this star together and I hope that Kristy likes it.  If I had just a tad more of the gray fabric, I'd send her a second block.  I liked it that much. :)

Now to finish with the hexagons and get a second backlogged block completed...

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