Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bug on...Bugs

This afternoon as we were digging out the backyard, we uncovered a live grub.  (This was a better find than yesterday's small, dead worm.)  I picked it up and showed it to Bug, who recoiled and declared that he didn't want to see or touch it because it was "too yucky".

I commented that some people eat grubs.  Bug thought this was fascinating and asked if I could cook the grub for him.

Me: "You don't want to touch it because it's too yucky, but you want to eat it?"

Bug: "I want to touch it with my mouth."

Grubs were NOT on the menu for today...  (Though I did find a decent sounding recipe should it come up again.  The idea kind of turns my stomach, but I'd try it if my kids really wanted to.)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yummiest. Lemonade. Ever.

It went too quickly to get pictures!

Mom and Art went to California to visit his family awhile ago and came back with a LOT of absolutely beautiful Meyer lemons.  (Which I think I have a photo of somewhere...  hrm...)  We've been using them, but not all that quickly and Mom was kind of worried that they were going to end up going bad before they were used.

Richard and Bug to the rescue!

After last weeks orange juice, they were ready to squeeze. :)

Turning the lemon juice into lemonade fell to me.  I was kind of worried about messing up - even though I know that lemonade is basically lemon juice, water and lots of sugar - so I poked around online a little bit and looked over a handful of recipes to see where the similarities were.  It pretty much ended at lemon juice, water and sugar. ;)

Richard and Bug squeezed just shy of two cups of lemon juice.  I boiled two cups of water, dissolved one cup of sugar into that and, AFTER the sugar was dissolved, poured the lemon juice in.  Once that was nicely combined, I added four cups of cold water and decanted into pitchers.

Even though I only used half of the sugar recommended by a large portion of the recipes that I'd seen, it was still REALLY sweet.  Richard ended up watering his down whenever he poured a glass.  I kind of like my sweet. ;)  (As a note, Meyer lemons are sweeter than other varieties, so the 2:2:1 ratio should result in a not-as-sweet lemonade if using different lemons.)

Enjoy and I'll try to get some pictures next time.  We still have lemons!