Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bug on...Bugs

This afternoon as we were digging out the backyard, we uncovered a live grub.  (This was a better find than yesterday's small, dead worm.)  I picked it up and showed it to Bug, who recoiled and declared that he didn't want to see or touch it because it was "too yucky".

I commented that some people eat grubs.  Bug thought this was fascinating and asked if I could cook the grub for him.

Me: "You don't want to touch it because it's too yucky, but you want to eat it?"

Bug: "I want to touch it with my mouth."

Grubs were NOT on the menu for today...  (Though I did find a decent sounding recipe should it come up again.  The idea kind of turns my stomach, but I'd try it if my kids really wanted to.)