Wednesday, April 13, 2011

'Make Life' Hair Pillow

Once upon a time, I ordered my very first fabric jelly roll.  Make Life.  I loved it and had this vague plan of what I wanted to do with it to make something really nifty for my mom.  I started sewing things together (thank goodness, not cutting anything!) and very quickly realized that I wasn't feeling the project.  It was just kind of wrong.  So I put it aside.

Then my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and my mom and I discussed using the multi-color text fabric to make her something really awesome for her healing room.  It turned out that the colors she used in there worked perfectly to make something really pretty...but by then no one had any more of that fabric (who was willing to give it up without me signing over my firstborn), so I tried to figure out what else I could do.

When my sister started losing her hair and decided to shave her head, someone said something about a hair pillow.  I was given a little baggie with a handful of my sister's gorgeous auburn hair in it.  When it came time for clean-up, I bagged the rest as well.

Eventually, the Make Life hair pillow was born.

Make Life hair pillow - front

Make Life hair pillow - back
Make Life hair pillow - quilting


Make Life hair pillow - front complete

Make Life hair pillow - back complete

Two issues with the finished project:

1 - I made it a little too large.  With the way the hair compressed, the finished pillow is plesantly squashy, but a little thin.

2 - The hair pokes out of the pillow!  I'd hoped that the quilting would prevent that, and it does to some extent, but I probably should have put another layer of fabric inside as another barrier.

Prickly or not, I'm thrilled that she really likes it. :)


I haven't fallen off the face of the planet, really.  Just a lot going on.  I've written a bunch of posts in my head that will probably never actually get posted on the blog (I MUST remember the draft feature!) and have a bajillion (more or less) photos to sort and resize.  On it... ;)