Sunday, June 6, 2010

Work is Work

This is what Bug and I did for a little while this morning.

Blanket Process1

Now, what you *should* have noticed in that photo was the stack of little blanket squares all stitched into rows.

Blanket Process3

We finished those up this morning while Richard was doing some work outside.  And, when Bug decided to go help out there, I started stitching the rows together.

This is as far as we got today.

Blanket Process2

I might have gotten a bit closer to finishing, had I not accidentally sewed the rows together in the wrong order.  You'd think that having them labelled would have kept that from happening...but, no.  I'm awesome that way.  After I tore it apart and fixed it, Bug grabbed the first three rows and wore it around the house for awhile like a shawl.  Had to wait until he was distracted again before I could attach the next two, and after that I started feeling guilty about the other things I wasn't doing, so I set it aside.  Maybe I'll get a bit more done after bedtime.

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