Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We're Here!

Bug and I (and my sister, thank goodness!) flew into Phoenix yesterday morning.  I'm glad to have had the help!  Bug travels very well, but had the most intense meltdown I've ever seen a child have right in the middle of Hobby airport.  It was horrifying.  (He cried - a LOT.  I cried.  It was ugly.)  Luckily, he returned to his sweet, normal self about 30 seconds before we got on the plane and was a whole lot of fun the rest of the trip.  (He was even invited into the cockpit of the plane - fun!)

Richard and Mom and my uncle and most of the cats and all of our stuff got here today.  One of the cats manged to crawl under the dishwasher and then under the cabinets and then into a little hole in the wall and got left behind. :(  My cousin is still there though and has volunteered to catch and keep her until we can get her here.  thank goodness for family.

There's lots to update, but it's going to have to wait just a bit longer. Tired.

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