Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vanessa's Blocks

Today, I received my fabric for Vanessa's blocks for the Live, Laugh, Bee.

She requested two 12.5" blocks, if there was enough fabric, in a version of a log cabin and/or star pattern.  The star made me a litte nervous and I wasn't sure that I'd have nearly enough fabric for a second block, so I went for two wonky-ish log cabin blocks.

Block #1 came out just over 12.5".  It'll trim down nicely.

June - Vanessa, Block #1

I wasn't sure how the fabrics were all going to look together when I started (though the pictures already up in the flickr group look great!), but I really kind of like the way it worked out.  :)

Block #2 isn't *quite* to size.  I was only able to get a 10" block out of the fabric that I had left, so I'm sending it untrimmed with the hope that Vanessa will be able to add another strip to each side and get a block that's workable for her.

June - Vanessa Block #2

I'm not quite as thrilled with the composition of this second block, but I don't think it's unattractive.

And, lest anyone think that I'm letting yesterday's to-do list slide already, Bug and I have already sewn together six of the twelve strips for his new little blanket. :)

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