Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And Christmas Begins...

You read that right...I said Christmas.  Please don't get disgusted and run away just yet!  I know how it sounds.  Really, I do.  I haaaaaaate when Christmas pops up in June.  (Seriously, I refuse to go into Hobby Lobby unless I absolutely have to now because, a few years back, I went in on June 6 and they had their *entire* Christmas section already set up.  It was heinous.)

But, I'm having a baby soon.  And I have a two year old.  And if I want to continue with the trend of keeping Christmas gifts about something other than cheap, crappy gifts that were bought in the spirit of consumerism (which isn't what Christmas is about at our house!), then I really kind of need to get started on it now.  Or, at least I need to start THINKING about it now.

So, I thought about it.  And I formed an idea that was starting to keep me up nights, so I figured I needed to act on it before either the idea disappeared or I turned into a zombie.  Either outcome being likely, of course.

In my head, I've termed it the Four Cousins project...because I basically plan to duplicate the idea for both of my kids and both of my sister's kids.  Easy-peasy, I think they'll like it, and goodness knows that similar-but-personalized gifts are good for siblings.

I browsed fabric (and spent litarally HOURS over at the Fat Quarter Shop) for two days before making up my mind.

For my newphew, I fell in love with Beep Bots.  For my niece, I really liked some of the On A Whim 2 fabrics.  For Bug, Robert Kaufman's Playday.  And Boo gets the Summer colorway of Moda's Love U line.

Now, what is all of this fabric going to become?  I'm afraid I'm not ready to spill the beans on that just yet.  But I'll post some sneak peeks after the fabric arrives. ;)
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