Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy

Though, perhaps I should have titled this post "Things that make me happy, that I've taken photos of".  Though, that's not grammatically correct, is it?  Ah well, you get my point.

In the chaos that is our house pre-move, there's not a lot of picture taking going on around here.  We can barely get through the living room, much less find a clean spot to take a picture of anything.  It's frightening in here.  (And it smells funny.  I don't quite get that one.)

BUT.  But, I did snap a few pictures today of things that are making me smile.

First up, the tangle that is our pseduo-garden.

We have tomatoes again!  Even after Bug picked and ate one!  Yay!

Tomatoes 6-17-10

And, look!  A pepper!  I'd totally given up on that one.  Really.  I was just going to be happy that the plant itself had survived this long.  But, there it was when we left the house this afternoon, one tiny little I'm-going-to-be-a-pepper-when-I-grow-up.  I'm so excited about it. :)

First pepper! 6-17-10

Also, if you can believe it, a completed WIP.

A few days ago, I finally got around to wrapping up the cute little beanbags that I wanted for Bug for the studio.  (Even though we no longer have the studio.  Ah, well.)  Choosing a filling really gave me a lot of trouble for some reason.  I finally decided that washable was unlikely to happen so beans of some sort were my best bet.  Richard suggested that I try a few things out and see what I liked best.

We tried rice.  We tried split peas.  We tried lentils.

Rice makes for a nice heavy bag and the filling isn't so large or so hard that a parent or sibling who gets beaned in the head would get terribly hurt.  Split peas are considerably lighter and slide against one another nicely in the bag.  Lentils... Oh my goodness, the lentils!  I've decided that I LOVE lentils for beanbag stuffing.  They have *just* enough weight to make the bags nice to throw, but they don't hurt at all if you take a hard hit.  The bags fall really nicely and stay where they land (Richard's concern because of how the lentils move against one another).  It's luxurious.  Now I just need to find a good price on bulk lentils, because I WILL be making more of these bags.

I might even already have the fabric ordered.  *cough*

Completed bean bags

I've got almost half of the fabric cut for the Four Cousins project, but my sewing table is in a sad state and it's not much to look at anyway, so no photo of that yet.  I'll post one when it looks a bit more interesting.

And, no photo of this one, but it was the best moment of the day so far...

Richard and I took Bug out to lunch today and he got pretty sleepy while we were out.  (It was an early morning.)  He ended up falling asleep in my lap a little while ago.  I carried him to bed and was *just* putting him down when he woke up a little.  My heart stopped, hoping that he'd go back to sleep (I REALLY want to nap with him today!) and not fuss and and and.  And he laughed and murmured "I love you, Mommy", then rolled right over and zonked out again.  Melted my heart. <3

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