Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chrysalis #1

I've been working on a new, crib-sized quilt.  As much as starting another project kind of makes me cringe a little, I'm pushing ahead with this one, anyway.  It's actually for the shop, so its work and not just play. ;)

I bought some of Moda's fabulous Chrysalis fabrics and just love them.  I was kind of worried that they were going to be too girly or too...something...but they're really quite awesome.  Butterflies and flowers, but the prints and colors are just great.

I wanted to do something that would really focus on the prints, so decided to pair them with solids.  After much hemming and hawing, I chose yellow, turquoise and green.  It was a difficult choice.  The orange and brown are great.  Perhaps I'll use orange and brown for the second quilt.  Hmm...

The squares are simple - again, to focus on the prints.

Chrysalis #1 - block 1

Chrysalis #1 - block 2

Chrysalis #1 - block 3

I'm not sure that the individual blocks really give a good idea of what the quilt looks like put together.  And the quilting is adding something nice.  I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I wasn't able to get it quilted all at once but, well, real life and all that.  I'm quite please with how it's coming together, and can't wait until I can post a picture of the finished product.

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