Saturday, June 18, 2011

Barnslig Skirts for the Store

In this last little burst of sewing, I've gotten a few new skirts in the store.  (They're listed at both and on Etsy.)

Barnslig skirt 1
I love this Barnslig print from Ikea.  LOVE it.

Barnslig skirt 2

Every time I think I've decided which part of the print I love the most, I move my eyes and land on another bit that makes me happy and THAT'S my favorite bit. (The lion!  No...the elephant!  Wait.  Is that a giraffe?  I love the giraffe!)  I am pretty partial to that lion, though. ;)

I've only listed skirts in a few girl's sizes, but have plenty of fabric in case anyone needs a different size.

I'm tempted to make another mei tai out of it, too.  I so love Boo's.



  1. I love that fabric too! I still have it untouched, waiting to be cut and dress my little girl. Great skirts!

  2. Thank you! I made the carrier while I was pregnant with my daughter and then just stared at the fabric because it was so cute. But it doesn't make anyone but me happy sitting folded up on a shelf. ;) And besides, using it means I get to go buy more, right? ;)

  3. super cute! i got some madras the other day to make a couple skirts for my daughter! these are so cute though!