Saturday, June 18, 2011


There's corn in my mom's garden!  Corn!

Mom's Corn - June 2011

This is particularly impressive given that my mom's backyard is not all that large, and the corn itself takes up something like 16 square feet of garden space.  It's a tiny spot, really.

This picture was taken earlier this month, when we were happy-dancing that there were three little ears of corn coming up.  We thought that might be all there was.  At last count, about four days ago, there were 41 ears of corn.  Forty one.  There had been 35 when I'd counted three or four days earlier.  Looks like we might be feasting after all!

And that's not even considering the tomatoes.  There are two tomatoe plants and it's possible that one of them is related to kudzu.  It's taking over everything.  It's completely overpowered a rosemary bush, is stretching over the second tomato plant and into the sunflowers on one side, and is just about to choke the life out of a zucchini plant in the other direction.  It's crawling up the fence and has spilled over the garden wall to cover half of a large planting of lantana.  I'm picking tomatos every other day and routinely filling a large mixing bowl just off of the one plant.  It's insane.

Mom and my sister are both off of nightshades for the time being, and there are way too many tomatoes for me and my family to eat by ourselves.  We're snacking on as many as we can, but I've started cutting them up and freezing them, too.  So far we've put away 13 pints, and I'm pretty sure that I have about that many still sitting on my kitchen counter waiting for me to deal with them.

In terribly exciting news, the sad, sad little tomato plants in my garden have actually bloomed.  I noticed today that one of them actually has four tiny green tomatoes on it.  I was so excited that I almost fell over.  Tomatoes from my own backyard!  I mentioned it to Bug while we were making dinner and it stopped him in his tracks.  He wanted to go see and pick them rightthatverysecond.  I'll try to get some pictures of these plants for comparison.

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