Monday, May 30, 2011

Giveaway Prize

Lynn, if you want to be surprised by the mug rug you've won, look away!

Everyone else...check this out. :)

I muddled over quite a few ideas and pulled out many, many different fabrics before I settled on the Giveaway Day winning mug rug.  (And, truth be told, there was a point that I wasn't certain that I was headed in the right direction with this design.  Thanks to Mom and Benah for the encouragement.)  I wanted to work in as many of Lynn's likes as possible, but it also needed to work as a whole.  After messing with some other layouts, I came back to doing a small log cabin.  Largely because I heart them so much myself.  I wanted it to look kind of traditional, but not be just a log cabin square bound as a mug rug.

Choosing the fabrics was fun.  My initial plan was to work through the color scale of orange to yellow to green to blue and, ideally have the colors move from lighter to darker shades.  And it looked silly.  So I moved things around a bit until it felt right, and ended up dropping the blue fabrics out completely.  And then most of the green.  It just wasn't gelling right, and the mug rug was going to end up a massive log cabin square.

So, focusing on yellow and orange and a touch of green, I came up with:


And a fun green on the back, where you can see the quilting a bit better.


I hope it suits your tastes, Lynn!  :)

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