Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blocks Received

I've been doing some sewing, but don't have any new finishes to show off.  I DO have some good mail to show, though!

This first one, I've actually had sitting on my sewing table for awhile.  This block arrived from Rhonda (as part of the Quilt Block Swap) just as Boo was born, and everything went on the back burner at that point.  So I just got around to taking pictures today.  Oops.

From Rhonda

I still owe Rhonda her block.  (Oops, again.)  I've also dropped out of this group, so it will be my last block to received and to complete.  As my first "real" block swap group, it was great.  (And not to take anything away from the LITJ ladies!  That swap is special on a whole different level!)  But it seems that my requests for non traditional blocks and enjoyment of nontraditional fabrics kind of threw some of the other members for a loop.  And it was pretty frustrating to put time and effort into blocks not knowing if or when the other half of the swap was going to take place.  (Not that I've never been on that side of it.  Like I said, I still owe Rhonda her block.)  I like the group.  Perhaps I'll rejoin after a while.  But, for right now, with my sewing time so constrained, I'd rather focus on other projects.

One of those is the 3x6 Mini Bee.  I originally signed up to take place in the fourth quarter swap (knowing that I was due to have a baby in the middle of the third quarter), but somehow ended up on the Q3 list.  I probably should have asked to be removed, but I got a little too excited about it and stayed on.  My blocks aren't complete yet (halfway through Q3, gotta get moving!), but the first of the blocks started to arrive yesterday!  All I can say is WOW!  These women do some beautiful work and I'm really super excited to be a part of the bee.

For Q3, I'm part of Beehive 5.  My color requests were red, orange and white.  I can't WAIT to see all of these blocks come together into a finished project!  (I think I may combine the 3x6 blocks with my month in another bee to make a big quilt.)

Becky sent this pretty.

From Becky

And I received this from Elizabeth.

From Elizabeth

I was especially geeked by the daisy in the center.  They're my favorites. :)

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