Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tiny Little Garden Suprises


Is that not the cutest little tomato ever?  Keep in mind that it's that small looking in the hand of a two year old.  It was tiny.

Bug and I spent a little time in the back yard yesterday afternoon - something that we don't do nearly often enough.  He loves to be outside.  LOVES it.  But it's so incredibly hot during the day that we usually end up putting him off until it's pretty late in the evening.  My step-dad seems to be immune to the heat though, and ends up going out to do yard work in spurts throughout the afternoon.  Bug often goes outside with Pop-Pop.  I love to watch them together - he follows his grandfather around like a puppy - but I do feel guilty for not being out there with him more often.

But we were out there yesterday...

And we found these tiny little tomatoes, which was a fun surprise.

My mom's back yard is an oasis.  Seriously.  It's gorgeous out there.  Green and just wild enough to be very pretty but not feel like a park.  Very friendly feeling.  Relaxing.

Bug and I were walking along the planter than runs along the back fence of the yard.  We were talking about the zucchini, which was recently pulled up, and looked for cantaloupe, which Bug has been obsessed with of late.  (Along with nectarines.)


We got to the end of the yard where all of the herbs are...and I spotted two tiny, bright orange bulbs in the greenery.  I don't have much skill when it comes to recognizing herbs, but I couldn't think of any at all that grow berries.  So I looked closer and they were tomatoes!  Bug was enthralled.


We ended up finding five tiny little ripe tomatoes tucked into the herbs.  (My step-dad identified them as cherry tomatoes, though I've never seen any that tiny.  He said they just popped up there, wild.)  Bug very carefully placed three of the little tomatoes on the ground "for the bugs", and ate the other two.  He said they were tasty.

We looked for more little tomatoes for quite awhile, but couldn't find anymore that were ripe.  I think a few nearly-ripe tomatoes ended up getting picked and donated to the bugs.  There were quite a few green ones though, and I talked Bug into leaving those on the plant so that we can have ripe tomatoes again soon.

We checked the big tomato plant, too (this thing is massive), but nothing was ripe there, either.

The big tomatoes are Celebrity, I believe.  It's been giving quite a lot of fruit.  Tasty.)

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