Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yay for Books!

Bug and I made it to the library and got our library cards today.  I kind of can't believe that it took so long for us to get around to getting them...but there's been a lot going on.  And I'm so excited that Bug has his own card!  At our old library he was still a smidge too young to have one of his own.

With today being our first visit, we were limited on the number of items that we were allowed to check out.  Five apiece.  Which was probably a good thing, otherwise we'd have come home with entirely too many books and CDs and movies.  As it was, we picked up four books and a video each.  (And had to put back a book to get the videos...but Bug was pretty excited about taking something home to watch, too.)

The library was nice.  Light and bright and open.  The librarians we spoke to were very nice and very helpful.  Everything was laid out nicely and things were easy to find.  The children's section was large and had a comfortable play and reading area.  Bug and I spent some time hanging out over there after we'd picked out what we were going to take home.

I was a little surprised, though, by some of the things they *didn't* have.  Not much selection for a few authors that I looked for specifically.  Like Jane Austin.  I got a craving for some Austin last week and the library had one book.  One.  But it was one I hadn't read yet, so I picked it up.  The other books I more or less chose at random.  I've had some pretty good luck doing that in the past.

Today's book list: Persuasion by Jane Austin, The Tattooed Map by Barbara Hodgson, Adventures of the Artificial Woman by Thomas Berger and (the one I'm a little loathe to admit to) Hex Appeal by Linda Wisdom.  To keep myself on track with getting through them before the due dates and so that they can perhaps lead me to other books/authors/etc, I'm making a mental promise to write a bit about each of them as I get through them.

Now, off to read...

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