Sunday, August 1, 2010

It Just Keeps Getting More Interesting Around Here


Not really sure how else to explain (in a nutshell) how things have been going around here of late.

Bug is doing well, considering that his world was turned on it's head less than two months ago and things haven't really straightened out for him yet.  He's loving hanging out with his grandparents and his cousins and has more or less accepted Boo.  He doesn't really like it so much when she's nursing or if I'm holding her when he's really upset, but otherwise he's affectionate and loving and a really awesome big brother.

We're still looking for a permanent place to live.  It's nice being here with my mom and step-dad, but it would be nice to be in our own space, too.  (And I'm sure they'd like to have their space back!)  We've looked at so many houses and condos that makes the head spin.  We've seen some really awesome places...and some really frightening ones, too.  Hopefully we'll see THE place soon. :)

In other news...

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer this past week.  Unfortunately, I can't say it came as a terrible surprise.  Well, strike that.  It WAS a terrible surprise, just not terribly surprising.  There's a bit of in the family, including our paternal grandfather.  (Which is where everyone in the medical community makes a knowing "Ohhhhh".)  She's being terribly brave and I have no doubt whatsoever that she's going to kick cancer in the ***.  She has a double mastectomy planned for next week.  I'm really glad that we're here, now.

And, the icing, my niece turned up today with what appears to be either shingles or chicken pox.  We've been over there for the last two days helping to paint my sister's healing I'm pretty sure we're going to see the chicken pox here really soon.  I'm glad that Bug will get it out of the way so early, though I wish Boo were a little before she'd come into contact with it.  And I'm sad about the timing.  Bug's best friend is coming to visit from Texas next week.  They've been looking forward to it for weeks.  (As have Richard and I!  We miss our friends, too!)

Not much craftiness to talk about, I'm afraid.  Too much other stuff going on. ;)

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