Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Running in Circles

It feels like that's all I'm managing to do this week...just run around in circles.

Bug is better, but still feeling under the weather if his reaction to school this morning is any indication.  He loves school.  LOVES it.  And this morning he had such a massive freakout that we ended up back in the car ready to just go home.  I think his teacher was a little surprised that I refused to walk out of the room and leave him there while he was in a full on I-want-my-Mommy meltdown.  She gave him a hug and tried to wave me out of the room.  Um, no.  That's not how we do things around here.  Anyway.  Once we got out to the car, Bug calmed down, asked for pretzels and said that he wanted to go back inside and color.  I told him that we could go back inside, but that I couldn't stay and color with him and he said that was fine.  So we went back inside, he got a little whiney when he saw that the colors had been put away, but cheered right up when he realized that it was snack time.  He kept his snuggly pillow with him today, though.  I hope he's okay.  I felt terrible leaving him today, even though he knew when I left.  I'm guessing that we'll be snuggled up watching Clifford and Thomas this afternoon to soothe any still-raw nerves.

I wish that I had something neat to post about, or some cool pictures of finished products, but I seem to be running short on both at the moment.  I've got a lot of projects going at the moment but haven't managed to finish any of them this week.  Project ADD and sick toddler and all that.  I'm really close on a few things though, so maybe I can get something finished while Bug is at school tomorrow.

I keep getting this crazy urge to post about our little garden, but when I really think about it it seems a little silly.  For one, it's hardly a garden.  We have a couple of vegetable plants in pots.  I think I'm mostly just excited that they're still alive almost three months after we planted them.  And it looks like we might actually get a tomato or two this year.  But our lawn is in desparate need of mowing and I noticed this morning that the leaves on the tomato plant are looking a little yellow.  So maybe I should hold off on congratulating myself for the time being.  I certainly want to hold off on taking any pictures.

And now I think it's time for me to end my little woe-is-me post.  As I see it, I can sit here and complain about how little time I have to finish anything...or I can get out of this chair and get something done in the time I have left.  And the latter sounds like a MUCH better plan to me.

Maybe I'll even have some nifty pictures to show for it. :)

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