Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finished: Set of Pajama Pants

I actually should have posted this one a few days ago.

A friend of mine contacted me awhile back and asked about getting some pajama pants made for her family for Christmas.  Three matching sets - for herself, her husband and their two year old son.  We talked about it a little bit, it got put on the back burner for awhile, then was revived and turned into a real project.

She picked the most awesome fabric and Joanne's had it for next to nothing...until I went to the store the following morning and discovered that the sale had ended the previous evening.  The fabric was going to cost four times as much as we'd expected.  It took a week to hunt down the fabric in the proper amount for three pair of pants and, after talking to the store manager, another two or three days before we were able to get it at a reasonable price.  (Lesson learned?  It doesn't hurt to ask!)

I only managed a decent(ish) picture of little E's pants - and even that one was taken at around midnight so the lighting is terrible.  I loved how the pants turned out though (and I LOVE her fabric choice!).  She received them quickly and seemed very, very happy with them.  (Yay!)  I can't wait to hear how they work out.


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  1. The pants are AWESOME! E loves them- and mine fit wonderfully, M loves his too!! So often w/flannel I get a tight crotch- you did awesome- the fit so comfortably! TY TY TY TY- and I so greatly appreciate YOU doing ALL the leg work to get the fabric! THANK YOU! Our Christmas Eve was magical Thanks to your handiwork! <3