Thursday, September 2, 2010

Totally Stolen Idea

I keep thinking of tiny little things that I want to post, and then wondering if it's worth it to put up a post for something so small.  I'm going to activly decide that, yes, it is okay to post something little.  Sometimes those are the cool posts. :)

I'm also going to totally steal an awesome idea.

Jeni, over at In Color Order, does this super-cool thing at the end of each blog post.  She lists things she loves and good things about her day.  I love that.  I love the idea of closing each and every post by taking just a moment to think about, identify and honor the little, good things that have happened.  Jeni also includes a picture of her bunny, George, in each post but I don't have a bunny.  I have four cats, but we're not going to go there just yet.

I'm also not going to steal Jeni's format (though it's a good one!).

So.  Here we go.

Today, I loved...

- A touching conversation with Bug*
- Having a fun and leisurely lunch with my mom and Bug while we were out running errands
- That there are pomegranate trees in the yard of the house we saw and put a bid on (!) today
- That I got to spend an hour-and-a-half with Boo while Richard took Bug to the park
- That I got up the nerve to RSVP to two playgroup events  (I'm terrified.  Really, really terrified.)

*The conversation with Bug...

We were at the store with my mom, headed to the register to check out.  They got distracted and stopped to look at something, so I went ahead to start checking out so that they wouldn't have to wait in line.  A few moments later, I heard Bug shout and, shortly after that, he and Mom came around the corner.  Bug came up to me and wanted to be picked up and said "I was sad and yelled and you weren't there."

Me: "Oh, I'm sorry.  You were looking at something and I knew you were with Grandma so I knew you were safe."

Bug: *giving me a hug*  "I'm safe now."

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