Monday, May 31, 2010

The List

Today, I'm organizing my sewing to-do list.  (We're not even going to talk about my full to-do head might just explode.)

With today being a holiday and the first day that Richard has been home ALL DAY LONG and us having decided that today is a zero-pressure day for getting anything in particular done, I indulged and pulled out *my* stuff, instead of looking too closely at all of the things I need to do for the store.

It's still a lot of stuff!

I'll say upfront that I've been really inspired by the idea of Mending Week, as posted over at Making More with Less.  But when I looked at my mending pile, it was way smaller than my work-in-progress pile.  I mean, I *need* to fix the elastic in Bug's cloth diapers, but he's been letting me slide a little on I'm gonna run with it for just a little bit longer.

So, just focusing on things I want to finish up for the kids:   (Wow, the plural of that still catches me off-guard.)

Beanbags for the guys

A set of bean bags for Bug.  I stitched these up the week we moved into the studio so he'd have something else to play with there, but I don't really have any idea of what I should use to fill them.  I kind of want them to be washable, and using real beans would mean that they weren't.  But I don't want to fill them with plastic beads because they're plastic beads.  Hmm...

Bug's blanket fabric

I still need to wrap up Bug's quilt.  The top has been done for awhile now and I have the backing fabric.  I've been holding off because I want to use a layer of flannel on the inside instead of actual batting and I knew I had some, but haven't been able to put my hands on it.  I saw the flannel when we were cleaning out the room for my cousin, so I think I should actually be able to finish this project soon.

Boo's Wipes

A set of flannel wipes for Boo.  I think there's eight here.  I made three sets for Bug when he was born and we really loved them, but most of them have somehow disappeared over the last 2.5 years.  Not really sure how that happened.  Maybe they ran away with some of the single socks that disappeared in the wash?  Bug picked out the fabrics, and I think he did a great job.

Then there's this:

Blanket fabrics

I found these fabrics, 4" squares of cotton prints, cotton flannel (the orange) and cotton corduroy (the blue) that I had initially cut up for a project for Bug and his cousin, who's five weeks older than he is.  That didn't end up happening and now they're both a little too old to get anything out of that particular project.  And Boo will be too young for it for a good eight or nine months.  When I counted up the number of squares, I realized that I had the *perfect* amount needed to make a little toddler-sized blanket.  So that's what I'm going to do with them.

Look!  I was even able to steal a moment this afternoon to figure out the layout!

Blanket Layout

And, when I emerged from the bedroom where I had sequestered myself to do that without interruption, I discovered Richard bound - literally - in the living room.

All wrapped up

It seems that in the few minutes that I was in the other room, Bug discovered that he could unwind the wool dryer balls.  That little bitty quarter-sized ball of wool at Richard's feet was the size of a tennis ball about an hour ago.  Now it's draped over just about everything in the playroom...including the cats.

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