Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Surprise Baby Quilt

Not in the sense that it's for a surprise baby...but that I was surprised to be making it. ;)

I started posting last night over on my shop blog about the Rashida quilt, so-called because I found a little bit of fabric from a line by that name and even though I have ten million (give or take) other things on my plate at the moment, it wanted to become something RIGHT NOW.  I kept petting this little bit of fabric - it was maybe 1/4 yard - and thinking things like "It might make a cute little bag?  Or maybe a skirt for Boo?"  But, no, it wanted to be a quilt.  So I started chopping it up.

Then I added a bit of Kona and a striped fabric that I adore and use as a solid, but have no idea who makes it.  I originally bought the yellow to line a mei tai, but we've ended up using it for so many other things!  (We have it in green, too.  Love it.)

I was able to get the first two rows of a 4x4 layout all sewn and trimmed and attached to one another last night, then finished and attached the rest of the blocks today.  I didn't expect to get any farther than that, but was able to piece together the back, too.  No pictures of that, yet.

Chin hung out on the cutting table for most of the day, holding down the off-cuts for me.  I try to be very careful to not let the cats mess with sewing projects, especially if they're gifts or for the shop, but he was quite content napping on the scraps and it's so rare that he wants to be a part of what's going on during the day, so I let him stay.  He didn't try to get on the quilt once. ;)

Once I got the back finished (which actually happened pretty early in the day), I had these delusions of grandeur in which I was able to baste and quilt it, too.  That was, of course, only in my imagination.  Bug and Boo were kind of all over the place today and sweeping and mopping the floor so that I could lay everything out and then try to get it pinned before someone little came through the room just wasn't going to happen.  I decided to wait until they'd gone to bed, and it's ended up being a VERY late night.  Fingers crossed that I can do it tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath on that, either.  It'll get done though.  I'm way too excited about this little quilt to let it sit unfinished.


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    1. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to touch it again. Trying to get it basted requires that I lay it out on the floor, so I need to sweep and mop and make sure the little people and cats won't pounce on it. I keep thinking that I'm going to get all of that done once the kids are in bed, but we've had too many late nights, lately. Soon, though. Soon! It's sitting nicely folded on the edge of my sewing table, so I can see it and jump on it as soon as the timing is decent.