Friday, November 5, 2010

Farmer's Market Win, Farmer's Market Fail

I’ve misplaced my camera, so no pictures with this post.  Sorry.  You’ll just have to deal with exposition today.

As per usual, we headed out to the farmer’s market today.  Just me and the kids, and we planned to hit two of them.

The first was a weekly market that we’ve made it to once before.  Not huge, but a nice combination of farm fresh produce and artisan items.  Everyone’s really nice.  Bug got to pet baby goats and the honey guy recognized us.  He  even remembered that Bug doesn’t get to eat colors and talked him out of buying the green honey stick.

When we got there, we passed by a little girl eating a carrot and Bug decided that he had to have one.  I was all for that but, I kid you not, I couldn’t find a single carrot in the market.  I’m sure I just overlooked them.  We got some pictures with the 180 pound pumpkin, bought some cheese curds, and decided to go check out the second market.

I don’t think the second market happens regularly, but it was listed as a farmer’s market so we decided to go.  Turned out to be in a kind of ritzy part of town and not far from the awesome railroad park.  I loaded Boo into her stroller and Bug into his mei tai and headed in.  There were two other kids there, both older then ten.  I kept getting sideways glances.  The first table we passed was a woman selling knitted kids caps.  Cute stuff.  We stopped to look and she asked Bug something about what animals he liked.  He said he wanted a carrot and everyone within earshot laughed.  Because there were no carrots there.  There were $30 kids t-shirts BeDazzled with licensed characters, but no veggies.

We passed by a really neat looking little shop that Bug and I both wanted to go check out, so we did.  It was bright and colorful and fun, and pretty packed with stuff.  Given that I had Boo in the stroller we didn’t go to deep into the store and we moved really slowly so as to not get anywhere close to the displays.  We were finally acknowledged five or ten minutes later, when a woman who worked there finally stepped into the room, breezed past us and told me to be careful because the stroller was a tight fit.

We ended up walking over to the Trader Joe’s in the next parking lot to pick up carrots (Bug said he wanted the “biggest carrot I’ve ever seen!”), some tomato candy (because we’ve all but finished yesterdays) and some more French bread.  The people there (customers and employees) were awesome.  I’d drive across town for that, but we’ll be skipping the “farmer’s market” there from now on.

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