Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter, Part II

Easter was a REALLY low-key affair for us, this year.

Richard had to work.  We'd already done the big egg hunt at my sister's on Thursday.  And, after playing with our friends on Saturday, Boo woke up sick on Sunday morning.  (GAH!  We were the plague carriers!  Dangit!)

The kids had actually forgotten that it was Easter. 

They were on the sofa, tired and congested and watching tv with their breakfast (hey, they were sick), when I surprised them with their Easter baskets.  Talk about excited!  We don't so the Easter Bunny and they don't get candy, but I tucked a few things into their baskets that they were excited about.  They each got a set of bunny ears, which they thought were funny, and a little stuffed animal, and some Annie's gummy bunnies.  There was a set of egg-shaped sidewalk chalk for them to share, and Bug got some Silly Putty (which Boo always tries to eat) and a little set of wooden cars in his basket.  Oh.  And they each got one of those little washcloths that's packaged up super tiny and grows to full-sized when you get them wet.  Boo was so excited she asked to take a bath immediately.  Bug opted to play in the sink.

They spent the rest of the day attempting to eat the last of the eggs we'd dyed for the hunt at my sister's house.

The eggs my sister made specially for Bug and Boo.  Their names are on the other side.

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