Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

Yep...that'd be me.

I've certainly *thought* about updating the blog quite a lot, but we've had quite a lot going on, too. Obviously, since it's been about a year since I've really written anything. Sheesh.

A few big things, though.

1 - We've moved. We're in a HOUSE again - yay! C has a super duper awesome playroom and, to be honest, we live in this. Seriously. We wake up in the morning, come in here, and we're pretty much in here until we go to bed at night.

2 - We got a dog. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I had forgotten my big major dog rule though: NO MORE PUPPIES. So, like a fool, we adopted an 8 month old lab mix. Mostly because C absolutely loved her and she was awesome with him and that was a pretty big deal because he was well on the way to developing a fear of all dogs, especially the larger ones. At the time, he only liked chihuahuas and that was largely because he thought they were cats.

So, Hope entered the picture, thanks to Second Chance Pets. We love her. She's awesome. She gets along well with the cats and she'll let C do anything to her. I've seen him pull food out of her mouth while she's eating and she didn't react at all. She's also a really big, really rambunctious puppy. And she eats anything that doesn't run away from her. Like the sofa. Gah.


3 - I'm pregnant. Didn't see that one coming but we're quite pleased about it.

There have been some good projects going of late and our camera just made it's way back to us after I managed to leave it in Arizona, so I'll be taking some pictures and getting stuff posted asap.


Second Chance Pets - www.secondchancepets.org/index.html

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