Friday, February 13, 2009

Beef and Veggie Soup

Tonight's dinner - Beef and Veggie soup


I love this soup, because it's so incredibly simple to make. I always just use what I have on hand, and it always turns out great.

I will admit right off the bat that tonight's soup was the prepackaged, super simple, I've-got-a-baby-on-my-hip-and-one-free-hand version. The branch of the organic veggie co-op that we use is still on hiatus, so everything was store bought this go.

Tonight's soup used:
Beef (pre-cut since I was one-handed)
Beef broth
Green beans (snapped in half)

Onion powder (since R is allergic to fresh onion)
Garlic powder (fresh cloves are difficult to work with one-handed)
Cajun seasoning

Easy-peasy directions:
I browned the meat in a large pot, with a splash of beef broth, and added the spices in amounts that smelled yummy. As soon as the meat was cooked, I poured in the rest of the beef broth. Added carrots, mushrooms and corn. I snapped the green beans in half and added those, then topped off with enough water that it looked like soup.

When I have time and have them in the house, I'll add either potatoes or barley to make this a heartier soup. It's yummy served with fresh bakery bread.

We served four adult-sized bowls, picked out a bunch of veggies for C and still had plenty to put away for lunches.

- Kiza

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